“Hi”, “Hello”, “Hej”, “Hé”, “Hola”, “Ciao”, is only some ways to say hi and welcome to “Thegreattraveller”!

What is “Thegreattraveller” about?

Thegreattraveller is about a crazy blond girl who sees the world, were you follow her journey all the way through 1,5 year of adventure, adrenaline, love, tears, happiness and of cause excitement. The journey first starts in the big city Perth It’s all about Perth, were you follow the journey through a life as an au-pair, moving on to being an adventures backpacker discovering lots of different places in Australia. The journey is not only taking place in Australia, you also get to taste the Asian lifestyle first with a visit to the exotic Bali, followed by the most adventures journey off the all through the historical and beautiful Vietnam and finishing off in paradise and relaxing Thailand.

But who is that crazy girl?

My name is Henriette Mikaelsen and I am a 21 years old smiling and happy person. My nationality is Denmark and I am as Danish as I can be with the “Scandinavian” blonde hair and blue eyes, but I like to call myself a multinational person with a heart in every country. Believe it or not but I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to roller coasters, high and adrenaline kicks, one of my biggest fears is actually flying which is a bit of a bad thing when you are obsessed with travelling. But that will never stop me because my biggest passion is travel! I love to discover new culture, tasting, smelling and feeling the country and understand its deeper meaning, while seeing Mother Nature in its beautiful but different landscapes. In my so far 21 years of life I have been discovering 15 different countries, some on holiday and others by travelling for more than a month. Not only have I been discovering a lot of different countries, but I have also been travelling in lots of different ways from luxury charter holiday to riding a motorbike through Vietnam. My nationality might be Danish but my heart will be the world.

“Thegreattraveller” is a way for me to share all my experiences and hopefully inspire you to take the step as well and go explore the world! Who knows you might find yourself being happy on a place like Rottnest Island one day and never wanting to leave. Because travelling is addicting!

Short informations:

Name: Henriette Mikaelsen

Age: 21 years old

Country: Denmark

occupation: working until I start studying again in August / Travelling!

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