Are you actually going?

The trip goes to?…

Two years ago today I was sitting home in little Denmark only 6 months away from graduating and finishing 3 years of long and hard study. I was so tired of school and I knew I wanted a break from it before I started my next study for another 3 years… “But what other way could I go?”
I have never been one of those people who could be home a whole year and just save up. For me that would be boring and I would be counting down every day until I could start studying again because even that would be more fun. I felt like I needed new air in my hair, and discover something new and fresh. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and be adventures. So there it was I decided I needed to go travel. I had a big opportunity to take off a whole year only to explore, so that’s when I decided I wanted to go live in another country for at least 6 months.

Next question which appeared was: “Where should I go?” I always had a dream about going to The United States, but at the same time I really wanted to go to Australia. Luckily for me I have a friend who has family in Australia and before I decided I wanted to go she had just been for 3 months in Australia and told me I needed to go because it was so amazing! So I thought “why not” and decided to go to Australia. And I am so pleased about that decision because I figured Australia is amazing! Where personally I think that The United States would be such a cool place to visit but I am not sure I would like to live there. So the day after I had made up my mind and I went to my girlfriends in school to tell them that I was going to Australia, they just looked at me like they just saw an alien outside the window and said “Are you actually going?” And the only answer I had was just “Yes.”

What are you going to do?

I now had made up my mind and I knew I was going to Australia, but what was I actually going to do? I didn’t have money enough to just rock up with a bag pack and take it as it comes. So I wanted to make sure I had a security to actually stay for a bit longer than just a month, because if not I would end up spending all my money which I didn’t have. At the same time I really loved the idea of getting really cultural and getting to know the Australian people and see how they live as a normal family. And that was when I figured I wanted to be an au-pair. By being an au-pair I get to live close to a family and actually see the Australian culture as close as possible, and it was only a bonus I got a really lovely family with some great kids. At the same time I had a nice comfortable place for 6 months and time to make close and lifelong friends, and as at little bonus you get some pocket money so that you will be able to do and see stuff in your area as well or save up for a big journey after.

Are you ready?

The answer is “No” and you never will be because you can’t prepare yourself for such a big adventure. You just have to go! Get out of your comfort zone and discover the life on the other side, “Trust me, you will never go back”. All you need to prepare and get ready is first a saving which the amount would change depending on your plan, whether you want to be an au-pair or backpacker for example. Being a backpacker needs a bigger saving for hostels and food and so, where being an au-pair you get food and a room and therefore only would need money for some great fun. But no matter what option you choose you have a way to earn money. Besides the saving you need money for the flight and the visas and then remember to bring your dictionary or Google translate because the Australian got their own Aussie slang! And trust me it can be hard to catch up in the beginning, but it gets so cool when you learn some of the slang words. One thing I learned which is very important when you go, is that you will have to be open-minded about it all. If you are a very doubtful- and closed person who don’t want to speak to anyone you are not ready to go. Have a smile and be excited because it’s going to be amazing! I left 6 months after I made the decision and before I went I had found a family to go to, booked my ticket, bought a travel insurance and last of all a visa to enter the big and unbelievable Australia and there I was on my way to the best time of my life! So what are you waiting for?



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