Back in time in Fremantle

Why Fremantle? 

Perth is a big city with a lot to do and see! A lot of the things are modern and full of new art, but going to Fremantle is like going back in time. When you step out of the train on Fremantle station it’s like stepping out into the 19th century with old buildings and a downtown atmosphere. Fremantle have a lot to see and do and it’s the perfect place to go and visit for a good coffee and chill out. It is definitely a must do if you visit Perth! My friend and I went there one day because we wanted to discover something new and thought why not go and check out Fremantle, which turned into  5 more visit afterwards because it is such a cool place to just chill out, and they often have a lot of events and activities going on. One thing that makes Fremantle such a cool place is the combination of the old school atmosphere with a lot of art and music. The atmosphere manly appears because Fremantle is a city with a lot of history, and is famous as the port city with a depth of character that cannot be replicated elsewhere. And that is true, Fremantle is special and something you have to discover on your own.

What to do?

When you visit Fremantle you necessarily don’t need a “to do” list, just walking around in the streets and enjoying the harbor is interesting enough. But that does not mean that there is nothing to do because there is plenty! If you have a big or little interest in history Fremantle is definitely worth discovering. Fremantle is probably the most historical city on the west coast with its famous prison, which is known for its long and dark tunnels and the maritime museum where you can get to know Fremantle trough the history. Personally I think history can be really interesting and I like to see old buildings and prisons, but I must admit that it’s not really my type of thing. Instead you find me either walking on the beach or sitting on a café enjoying a good meal with a nice coffee. And therefore there are also plenty of other things to do for those people who (like me) don’t really have much interest in history.

Are you a café sort of person, you are going to love Fremantle straight away with its nice and small cozy cafés all around. When my friend and I went there we decided to have lunch on the restaurant called “Grill’d” which is so good with its healthy burgers and chips (not that it is healthy because when is a burger going to be healthy? But it taste so delicious and it is cheap!) The perfect backpacker place! There are plenty of different restaurants and cafés, and it is also the perfect place to grab a nice “Aussie fish and chips” and have a picnic in the park or on the beach if you like. Fremantle is also known for its weekend markets where you can spend time pottering around looking for great stuff. Fremantle have something for everyone and is definitely worth a visit!

How to get there?

There are plenty of ways to get to Fremantle. If you like me are a backpacker who wants a cheap and easy way, Fremantle is only 30 minutes away from Perth city with the train and really easy to get to. And if you stay in Perth for more than a month make sure you get the SmartRider card so that you can just tap on and off at all stations. If you are fit and healthy there is also an option to jump on the bike and ride all the way from Perth city to Fremantle with beautiful sceneries all the way along, but it is a 40 km. long ride there and back so do make sure you are in shape or at least have the whole day to make it! It’s also an option to take the bike all the way to Fremantle and jump on the train on the way back or opposite. If it is a nice and sunny day and you want to discover the well known swan river in Perth make sure you try to take the ferry to Fremantle from Perth city. It is such a beautiful journey and you get to see all the nice houses and a perfect view over Perth city. It is the most expensive way of them all, but definitely worth a try. And if you are a lucky traveler who got a car it is also an option to just drive straight there.


Fremantle Harbor


Concert in the park


Salat from Grill'd


Ferris Wheel


The beach


The sunset

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