Be happy on Rottnest Island

My favorite place in Australia

When I first came to Australia I wasn’t sure what to do, or most manly what to choose between on the never ending to do list. Because when you arrive in a new place where everything is so far away from the normal lifestyle at home thousand of kilometers away, you just want to see, try and taste everything. But one thing is sure if you like sun, white beaches and an awesome atmosphere Rottnest Island is the place!  Rottnest Island is a small 20 kilometer long heaven, located only a few hours ferry ride away from Perth. The Island is surrounded with white sand beaches all the way around and crystal clear water so it’s also a perfect spot for example snorkeling. There are so many opportunities to explore and enjoy Rottnest Island, and it has something for everyone! When it is such a small little place located far from noise, stress and cars (No cars are allowed on the island!) it makes it the best get a way destination for relaxation, partying, excising and just enjoying yourself! And you get the chance to find the sweetest animal the Quokka which only exists on Rottnest.

How to make the best out of it

When you want to go to Rottnest Island do make sure you take off at least one whole day, because once you are there you will never leave. There is also a chance to go camping or renting a little house so you can stay overnight. I only spend a day there, but I do wish I had more time and brought a tent and stayed for the weekend. But a day trip is also great fun, and make sure you get up early and about so you can make the most out of it. Some girlfriends of mine and myself took a day trip to Rottnest were we took the ferry from Fremantle because the ferry ride is an hour less than if you take it straight from Perth city. We were up and about at 8ish so that we could be there by 9ish and make the most out of the day. Make sure you remember to bring lots of water and snacks because there are not many shops on the island and they seem to be a bit more expensive than the shops in Perth. When we got to the island we were already in love, because of the small town atmosphere with nice green trees gathered together as a small forest with white sandy beaches on both sides of you and nice great boats relaxing on the crystal clear blue water.  As I said there are no cars on the island which is fantastic, so the best way to explore and get around is either by walking around or the way I preferred, by bicycle. There is a bus going a couple of times of the day but if you take the bus you don’t have much time to stop and enjoy all the different spots and you will be on a time schedule, which is why I prefer to take the bicycle so that you can make the most out of it all and see everything.

There is a place for renting bikes on the island which is where we went to rent a bike each to go and explore! There is a rule in Australia saying you must wear a helmet or ells you can get a fine, so make sure to keep those helmets on to avoid having to pay extra for a fine. As soon as we got our bikes and helmets we were ready to go. On Rottnest there are 3 different big routes you can take, all different depending on how far you want to go. We decided that we were fit and healthy and took the long journey all the way around the island, we made it in the end but being fit I think we figured we really wasn’t. Bicycling around the island is amazing, it is so beautiful and you can just stop for a little break on one of the many amazing beaches for a swim and a snorkel. We spend the whole day laughing relaxing and enjoying our self having some sort of a pub crawl going from beach to beach. It was absolutely amazing and we ended up taking the last ferry home after having a subway sandwich in the nice dining area with live music. There are some other great restaurants as well for those who want a proper meal instead of living the backpacking budget life running straight to subway! A great end of the day would also be if you take your time sitting in a nice area with your friends sharing some relaxing beers. There are heaps of opportunities to enjoy and have a good time!

For those who really want to make the most out of their trip I know that Rottnest Island have a calendar with different events on the island, for example festivals and some concerts. To see more go on their website before planning your trip.

Rottnest Island


Rottnest Island




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